Official Tournament Rules

Rules are subject to change.
Please ask your STEAM Lead or Program Administrators for any clarification.
Academic Eligibility
Participants are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA to stay eligible for the tournament. EVERY progress report counts. If a participant’s GPA drops below a 2.0 during the tournament, he/she will not be eligible to participate until their GPA is back above 2.0.

Team Rosters
A student can only participate on a team where he/she is currently enrolled in good standing.

Each team must have 4 players on the roster. A team will field 3 players for the matches, so the Team Captains will choose their lineups for each match. If a team loses a player, the alternate will play.

ONLY the roster on the master roster list will be considered for Championship play and prizes. If a team loses more than one player and the Coach approves a replacement player, they may only replace the starting lineup.

ANY roster changes must be approved by the Coach and reflected on the master roster list IMMEDIATELY upon their execution.

Schedule Change
It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to review the schedule and notify the team of any changes. Match dates and times are subject to change if the situation and time table allows it. Any team with a problem regarding a date change will need to provide a valid and reasonable excuse to demand a date change for the Coach to agree with the change.

Schedule Contingency

If a roster has an odd number of teams, there will be one team that will have one less game than the other teams. If the team with one less game is at the top of the rankings at the end of the tournament or has not played the other top teams, there will be a playoff match prior to the Championship between those teams to determine the advancing team.

Bad Behavior Policy

Cursing, rude gestures, and offensive (toxic) behavior will not be tolerated. Any player may submit video recorded evidence of toxic behavior for review. First violation will result in a warning and notification to the school’s faculty advisor(s). Second violation will result in a match forfeit and notification to the school’s faculty advisor(s). Third violation will result in the entire team being disqualified from the tournament.

Cheating Policy
No additional anti-cheat client is required for official matches. Any cheating of any form will result in immediate disqualification of the player and team involved. It is the responsibility as a Team Captain or teammate to make sure other teammates are not cheating.

Disqualification Policy
If a team is disqualified from the tournament for any reason, all of their scheduled matches will result in a forfeit, awarding a win to the other teams. Matches already played will change their final scoreline to reflect this as well. If applicable, each team that was not scheduled to face the disqualified team will be awarded an extra win to even the standings across the tournament.

Forfeit & Substitute Policy

Forfeiting a match is discouraged. Forfeiting will result in a penalty and is counted as a lost match. In addition, the forfeiting team will lose a match win for standings purposes. Each student must attend school on the day of his/her match or they will not be eligible to play. While not recommended, a team can play with a minimum of 2 players. If 3 players are available, the team must play with all 3 players. Any attempt to sit out a player because of his/her skill level will result in a team loss. Mercenaries will not be allowed.

Championship Eligibility
Every member of each team competing in the in-person Championship must physically attend the match (no remote play) to ensure a complete event and fairness to both teams. While a member can be excused due to an illness or family issue, they still cannot play remotely. This is subject to change if we are unable to have an in-person event.

Match Procedures

Starting Matches
Team Captains must sign into the match 15 minutes prior to the start time. The Home Team (listed first on the schedule) Captain creates the game lobby and invites all players, then invites the competing team.

Match Structure
Matches are played as 5 games (no matter who wins or loses) in the Regular Tournament and best of 7 games for the Championship. Format is subject to change.

Match Scheduling
Matches will be one day per week unless a team has a bye.

Game Lobby
Soccar Game Mode
3 v 3 (see forfeit rules above)
No Bots
If both teams cannot agree on an arena, then DFH Stadium is the default.
OVERTIME: +5 MAX, First Score
All other mutators DEFAULT

Each team is allowed to call two tactical timeouts per match. During these timeouts, the participating players may have a discussion with each other. Tactical timeouts may only be initiated by an in-game player.

Stoppage of Play
The game may only be paused for the following reasons:
● Player drop
● Player disconnect
● Server crash
● Technical issues

Score Reporting
Both the winning and the losing Team Captains must report their scores to their assigned coaches in the form of a screenshot. Coaches will upload these screenshots to their school’s associated Google Drive “Scores” folder.

If several teams have the same record at the end of the tournament, a winner will be determined using a waterfall-tiebreaker system. We'll decide the winners based on the following criteria:
First, we look at the number of matches each team has won.
If there's still a tie, we consider the total number of games won by each team.
If the tie persists, we check the total number of goals scored by each team.

Any keyboard and mouse or controller can be used with the PC.

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